OFFICINA3 was born in 2001, from the long experience in technical and innovative fashion accessories.
Thanks to its inventive approach melt with a skilled professionalism, in a few years OFFICINA3 started working with the most important worldwide fashion brands.
Having the chance to supply leading brands with all possible production techniques at a very high quality level (serigraphy, hot printing, high frequency, laser, embroidery, microinjection), OFFICINA3 starts becoming a partner who can not only produce, but also develop a project from a briefing.
OFFICINA3 main goal is to be always one step ahead: research and curiosity are its daily mood to find out new solutions to amaze their customers.
For this reason, innovation is the continuous path: its creativity is not merely meant for internal purposes. OFFICINA3 working ambition is to solve its customer’s problems, allowing them to realize and produce even the impossible!

OFFICINA3 is a GLOBAL APPAREL BRANDING Company able to make your creativity come true!

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Our mission is to enhance our customer’s brand visibility providing the ultimate innovation, sustainability and high-tech mixed with fashion, creativity and quality.


Improve our knowledge every day, using innovative material and developing high-tech techniques to realize even the most complicate projects coming from our customers. Keywords of our Company are: quality, service and reliability.


OFFICINA3 has a its production based in Padua. All products are conceived, developed and produced in Italy: from prototype to final production. 100% MADE IN ITALY is not only a geographical element, but the guarantee that utmost care is provided in every single production step. This aspect enables us to check every single moment during the production, enhancing delivery time and quality.


The basis of the collaboration between FairWear Foundation and a member is the Code of Labour Practices. The core of this code is made up from eight labour standards derived from ILO Conventions and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights. This means the FWF Code of Labour Practices is based on internationally recognized standards to grant the best workplace conditions.


We strongly believe that environment is a right cause to fight. For this reason Officina3 has a photovoltaic solar power structure in order to only use “clean power” to realize all inner process.



All material used in OFFICINA3 is accomplishing:

  • FSC requests