The raw materials used in production are certified and “environmental-care” classified. All certified materials used respect the quality standard REACH, OEKO-TEX e FSC.

Officina3 grows up and develops itself with the purpose to respect and protect the environment, the air inside and outside the production process. For this reason the production departments of screen printing, laser cutting and mold cleaning, are equipped with a certified ventilation system, which regulates the air flow within the area.

This helps both to improve the quality of the air and to create a healthy and safe working environment, perfectly in line with the requirements of the current regulations, more and more focused on the health and general well-being of workers.

Controls are annually carried out in order to guarantee the compliance with environmental regulations and to certify emissions into the atmosphere.


Officina3 has always shown a responsible and sustainable approach to the environment. Indeed, it undertakes to carry out its activity paying particular attention to the compliance with regulations, the quality procedures, the environmental protection, the continuous improvement of the company performance and the protection of workers and customers health and safety.

Our intention is to continue investing both on research & development and on the materials and work processes sustainability. The entire production process takes place within a large, modern 8000 square meter plant with an energy-saving photovoltaic panel that produces and uses “clean energy”, respecting the environment.

The management of special and non-special waste is entrusted to an external company, specialized in waste disposal.


We believe in the professionalism and the specialization of human resources, aware that the contribution of each person is essential to build a successful company.

The enhancement of our internal resources through updating courses and continuous training is the best investment to bring out and maximize our potential. This vision promotes a continuous growth and allows our company to be efficient and competitive on the market.


The basis of the collaboration between FairWear Foundation and its members is reported in the Code of Labor Practices. The fundamental points of this code were obtained from eight different labor codes, deriving from the ILO conventions and the United Nation Declarations of Human Rights. This means that the FairWear Foundation Code of Labor is based on globally recognized standards that guarantee the best working conditions in the workplace.