OFFICINA3 strongly believe in sustainability, applying it in all its declinations.
We are not using sustainability like a mere and trendy marketing tool: we buy our raw material, produce and waste disposal always having this in mind.


All our raw material is certified and classified with the most “care-environmental” approach.
Our forefront certifications are accomplished to provide our customer to grant their products the most environmental respect.


All along the production path, there are many hoods to grant a certified air cleaning system. In a separate part of the production is made the cleaning of serigraphy color frameworks. This cleaning is made under a specific hood, while water used for the cleaning is collected in special tanks. All these material are considered dangerous waste and then collected by a certified company. Specific tests are regularly run also on production workers to check the air cleaning system also on people, with of course very good results, also certified.


There is a certified yearly control of the chimneys atmospheric emission.
These chimneys receive sucked air coming from hoods on serigraphy and laser posts mentioned above.


Both dangerous and not dangerous production waste (including leather spare parts) is reported on a specific register.
Regularly waste disposal is given to a certified company who countersigns the register at the moment of the collection and eliminates all OFFICINA3 waste disposal in a sure and safe way.


All over OFFICINA3 roof there is a photovoltaic system which provides the major part of the power necessary to run all machineries.
The system is controlled and checked regularly and motorized through a cabin placed in the production area.
In this way all our productions is made with “clean power”, respecting 100% the environment.

Sustainability for OFFICINA3 not only means fair behavior towards the environment, but also a deep respect for its working people: most of the workers have been in OFFICINA3 since more than ten years!
New challenges are shared between those who create them, and those who practically realize them, since a winning team can improve itself only if the energy comes all along the creative & production path.
A good working environment enables also to train new apprentices in the best way, in order to have further skilled workers in years to come.


The basis of the collaboration between FairWear Foundation and a member is the Code of Labour Practices. The core of this code is made up from eight labour standards derived from ILO Conventions and the UN’s Declaration on Human Rights. This means the FWF Code of Labour Practices is based on internationally recognized standards to grant the best workplace conditions.