How we work

Production of patches and labelsfor high fashion industry

Officina 3 is a consolidated Paduan institution which has specialized in the production of patches and labels for high fashion industry, clothing, footwear and leather goods for almost twenty years. Thanks to our productive philosophy which is oriented to innovation, quality and creativity, we represent a valiant partner for the main brands of haute couture. Our goal is to turn our customers’ projects into exclusive collections, through the offer of valued and unique products and materials.This process requires our team’s support in all the production phases: from the conception to the choice of the most suitable materials and technologies of realisation, until the final production.

In this way our products become the summary of creativity, research and innovation. The proposed solutions respect the requests of the prestigious fashion brands we collaborate with, they are realised through the use of serigraphy, hot printing, high frequency, microinjection, injection, cut and marking, laser, digital print and embroidery. We offer a wide selection of products which range from couture patches and labels to big manufacturing of flat materials, completing the offer with a supply of hangtags and packaging for a 360 degrees collection.

We flank yourcreative team

Thanks to our twenty-years experience in the field of fashion accessories and footwear production, we are able to efficiently support our customers’ creative team. We support your ideas suggesting and studying the technical solutions more suitable to complete the project and realise fashion accessories of high aesthetic and functional quality. From the concept to the product you are searching for!

We turn your ideasinto real projects

Our Technical Office is available to the customer, going with them step by step in the realisation of the final product. Our production of 5000mq and our machineries guarantee a professional and qualified production. Working with the maximum care and quality is very important for us.

Continuous researchand innovation

Curiosity and research are part of our daily mood. To understand and study the trends lets us to shape materials to tell an idea, an emotion, a season and a brand. In such an always forward looking industry the tension to innovation allows us to realise unique projects.

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