Completing the variety of processings available to the clients we propose the technique of thermo-application or thermoadhesive application. This simple work of material coupling through heat is very useful during the phase of garments and accessories packaging.

Joints and seams do not always intervene properly and in certain cases they could compromise the fabric or its particular function. For example, the heat-sealing for technicalwear and sportswear is used for waterproof garments.

Through thermo-application and heat-sealing the most disparate surfaces can be made adhere to decorative elements previously cut by laser, embossed labels and patches or treated with other specific techniques, shaped pockets, zip insert, small metal parts, serigraphic prints with tactile finishes.

According to customer’s requests it is possible to realise thermal taping effects on long-length of textile ribbons for high fashion to customise through prints, HF logos and laser cut elements, also on continuous surfaces. Woven ribbons is not compromised in its distinctive softness.

It is possible to make thermo-transferable a wide range of materials, like cotton, mixed fabrics and leather, obtaining an overall aesthetic effect of high quality which respects material characteristics, whether it is still or elastic.

Thanks to our technological systems it is possible to combine elements, machinings and highly innovative materials through thermo-application, in a tireless search and experimentation of new solutions for the clothing and footwear sector.

Examples of application

Applications on leathers, fabrics and synthetics, Decorative applications, Flock applications, Foil applications, Applications on tapes, Studs, rhinestones and rivets applications, Applications on cut and panels, Application on semi-packaged, Thermo-adhesive tapes, Heat-sealable embroidery, Application on panel with processing mixed (laser embroidery digital screen printing)

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