Identify renowned collections and brands. It follows trends and allows you to diversify the various products. Officina3 offers a varied range of clothing patches to refine the collections of the most prestigious brands.

Thanks to the continuous research of new materials and the development of new technologies, the production of patches has evolved allowing increasingly interesting associations and experiments. Originally, for example, the patch for clothing consisted only of an armor woven with warp threads, now many variations of PVC patches are made.

Countless variations in materials, processes, shapes and sizes are possible. Shaped patches, embossed patches, hot engraved patches, embroidered patches, patches in leather, silicone or plastic materials, specially designed to enhance certain details, enhance colors and give a three-dimensional and tactile appearance of great elegance.

The customizations are endless, the uses and productions are more and more numerous. These products can be used in high fashion garments such as in sportswear, in items such as outerwear or small leather accessories.

Our fashion patch production has no limits. They are beautiful to look at, to touch and to wear!

In our field we stand out for production: Hot engraved Patches, HF Patches, Rubber Patches, Printed Patches, Heat Applicable Patches, Embroidered Patches.

Embroidered andJacquard patches

Printed andengraved patches

Injection andMicroinjection patches

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