In the past the patch for clothing was considered a low cost element, now it has become an important detail in fashion industry. It identifies collections and famous brands. Il follows trends and allows to diversify various products. Officina 3 offers a diverse range of patches for apparel to finish the collections of the most prestigious brands.

Thanks to the ongoing research of new material and the development of new technologies, patch production has evolved allowing increasingly interesting combinations and experimentations. Originally, for example, the apparel patch consisted in just a reinforcement woven with warp yarns: now multiple variants of patches are made of PVC.

Countless combinations of materials, manufacturings, shapes and sizes are possible. Shaped patches, embossed patches, hotprinted patches, embroidered patches, leather patches, silicon or plastic materials, specially conceived to exalt some details, enhance colors and give a three-dimensional and tactile aspect of great elegance.

Customisations are endless, the application and the production are getting more numerous. These products can be used both in haute couture and sports garments, in casual jackets and in small leather goods.

Our production of patches for fashion is unlimited. They are nice to look, to touch and to wear!

In our field we stand out for production:

  • Engraved patches
  • HF patches
  • Shaped patches
  • Heat applied patches
  • Embroidered patches