We are specialised in the production and customisation of labels and woven labels which are signed by the main brands, absolute icons in fashion field. Officina 3 is synonymous with quality, research and Made in Italy.

What lies behind a label? The creation of our apparel tags starts with the consultancy stage.

Our clients receive a 360-degrees support during the path which turns their creativity into an actual product. Before starting a significant production we make quality tests which guarantee the correct behaviour also after the packaging. The result is a concentration of uniqueness, originality and innovation!

The selection of a wide range of supports like fabric, leather, fake leather, rubber, silicone, pvc, tapes and cotton make unedited combinations of materials possible. Our makings personalise surfaces, create new thicknesses, the style and the look of the finished garment.

The label for clothing, besides identifying the brand, can become a communication instrument useful to convey ancillary information as the fabric composition, the size, the origin, the washing and maintenance instructions.

According to the customer needs we can realise:

  • Leather labels
  • Nabuk labels
  • Eco-leather labels
  • Suede leather labels
  • Cotton labels
  • Silicone labels
  • Lycra labels
  • Rubber labels
  • PVC labels
  • Plastic material labels
  • Fabric labels
  • Hot printed fabric labels
  • HF engraved fabric labels
  • Thermo-transferable fabric labels
  • Woven labels
  • Jacquard labels