We are specialized in the production and customization of woven labels and labels bearing the signature of the main brands, absolute icons of the fashion industry. Officina 3 is synonymous with quality, research and Made in Italy.

What does a label hide? The process of making our clothing labels begins with the consulting phase.

Our customers are followed at 360 ° in the path that allows them to transform their creativity into an effective product. Before starting the production of large quantities, we carry out quality tests that guarantee correct behaviour even after packaging. The result of this process is a concentrate of uniqueness, originality and innovation!

The selection of a wide range of supports such as fabric, leather, hide, imitation leather, rubber, silicone, PVC, ribbons and cotton makes it possible to combine new materials. Our fashion processes personalize the surfaces, create new thicknesses, the style and look of the finished garment.

The clothing label, in addition to identify a brand, can become a very useful communication tool for conveying basical information such as the composition of the fabric, size, origin, washing and maintenance instructions for the garment.

In our field we stand out for production: Leather labels, Labels in synthetic materials, Fabric labels, Lycra labels, Silicone labels, TPU labels, PVC labels, Plastic labels, Thermo-applicable labels, Embroidered labels, Jacquard labels, HF labels, Hot engraved labels, printed labels.

Embroidered andJacquard labels

Printed andengraved labels

Injection andMicroinjection labels

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