High frequencyengraving

The high frequency engraving is a type of manufacturing obtained through the synergic use of moulds and HF equipment which use the high frequency waves to increase the materials’ volume, to obtain logos and writings in rilief with different shapes and textures. Combining this form of heat with pressure, materials weld together adapting to the stamp and creating a new product of three-dimensional effect.

HF manufacturings are conform to the treatment of plastic materials, leathers, synthetic fabrics, spread and refracting fabrics. The electromagnetic field created modifies the surfaces without compromising or melting the material. For this reason it is a technique also used on fabrics particularly sensitive to heat.

Thanks to the use of high frequency in footwear and fashion industry it is possible to create patterns in continuous, localised designs, optical or geometric effects.

The fields of application of HF engraving are disparate: you can produce three-dimensional labels and patches, embossed labels, labels on coated fabrics and polyurethane, moulded shoe uppers and tongues, personalisations for small leatherwear and bags. This technique of engraving enables to work big sizes and to extend the field of application till the automotive one.

It is possible to create single products or to directly work on large flat surfaces, combining to the volume different techniques and finishings, like high frequency digital printing, 3D spraying, glitter, flock, rolled sections and small metal parts.

Examples of application

High frequency relief engraving, High frequency 3d engraving, High frequency low relief engraving, High frequency engraving on leather, fabrics and synthetics, High frequency engraving on panel with mixed processing (digital screen printing laser embroidery applications), Embossed in high frequency

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