In fashion industry woven ribbons are not just a complement. Over time they have increasingly acquired a key role in the finishing and personalisation of clothing, footwear and leather goods.

Officina 3 deals with woven ribbons’ customisation, elastic tapes, cords,embroidered ribbons, viscose tapes, piping and knitted bands become a good basis for the creation of prints and logos.

New thicknesses, new textures, embroideries, carvings, application of studs and small pearls, geometric graphics, floral, tactile and three-dimensional, grip effects, thermal taping and heat-sealing for footwear.

Woven ribbons customisation can be obtained through the combination of different production technologies. According to the request and to the effect the customer wants to obtain, we apply the most suitable production technology or we combine multiple ones. The result is guaranteed and the effect is extraordinary!

Our personalisations for woven ribbons:

  • Customisation of ribbons for clothing
  • Customisation of embroidered ribbons
  • Ribbons with logo
  • Digital printing for woven ribbon
  • Laminated woven ribbons
  • Engraved ribbons
  • Heat-applied ribbons
  • Shoe laces toecaps